We are honored to serve as America’s first neuropsychology concierge service. Neuropsychology Concierge was founded in an effort to help children and adults achieve the best quality of life despite their busy and unpredictable lives. Our holistic approach to brain wellness gets to the root of your thinking, emotional or behavioral health problems as we customize neuropsychology for you to function better. This is why we diagnose and treat clients at-home, in-person, and remotely via telehealth/teleneuropsychology. Our team works hands-on with global leaders in neuropsychology to continually update best practices in brain-behavior treatment. We are deeply committed to giving every person a real-world, actionable treatment plan they can trust to achieve peace of mind, enhance brain-behavior functioning, and live a fulfilling life.

Why Us?

22,000 hours | 6,000 families | 24 Countries

Personalized Care

More than 60% of the new clients we see have received a misdiagnosis from another care professional in the last two years or have yet to receive a practical solution. Our science-backed diagnostics and evaluations offer an in-depth look at why you learn, think and act the way you do. Our approach helps identify your unique profile of strengths and areas of growth that make you who you are rather than simply relying on treating labels or conditions. We offer specific techniques that can be used to solve immediate-now challenges, enhance key strengths, and prevent further problems in the future.

Convenience On-Demand

From our free online evaluation to at-home concierge services, we customize the treatment experience to best serve each unique family. Our one-on-one telehealth diagnostic and treatment services benefit hundreds of new clients seeking access to top tier support. We are one of a few bilingual providers and strive to accommodate the brain-behavior needs of both native Spanish and English-speaking families around the world.

A Full Suite of Vetted Resources

Our informed and engaged networks give us access to the highest quality resources available in brain and behavioral healthcare. Once you receive a diagnosis, rest assured that a treatment plan will include a complete suite of resources, tools, and networks to achieve desired results. Also, we are a team of moms and dads. We provide the same level of care we would expect for our children.

An Influential Rolodex

The field of neuropsychology is five decades young. Our team is honored to have received more than 13,000 hours of clinical training from leaders in the field. In an effort to deliver the best care possible, we serve on boards of national practice organizations and contribute to cutting-edge research.

Who we help

Every age. Everywhere.

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