Every Client

Deserves Mindful Care & Real-World Results

Every Client

Deserves Mindful Care & Real-World Results

Personalized BrainHealth Fit For You....

We are honored to serve as America’s first neuropsychology concierge since 2016. Dr. Cristi founded Neuropsychology Concierge® to help ensure children and adults achieve the best quality of life–at home, at school, at work, and in the community. Her holistic approach emphasizes mindful compassion, science, and each person’s strengths. The goal is to arrive at the root of your thinking/learning, emotional, social presentation, or behavior to develop a personalized roadmap of solutions.

Who We Help

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) • Mixed Receptive Expressive Language Disorder • Behavior Issues •Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) • Social Skills & Interaction • Child & Teen • Anxiety/Depression • Pediatric OCD • Child PTSD • phobias • Self-esteem • Stress Management • Child/Family Relationships • Social Anxiety
Learning Disability: Dyslexia (Reading), Dyscalculia (Math), Dysgraphia (Writing, Spelling) • Independent Educational Evaluation • Psychoeducational Testing Gifted • SAT/ACT & College Accommodations • GRE/LSAT Accommodations • Orton Gillingham/Structured Literacy Interventions • Student Success/Academic Coaching • IEP Advocacy
Traumatic Brain Injury/ Concussion • FAA Evaluation • Compulsory Medical Examination (CME) • Epilepsy • Brain Tumor • Cancer and “Chemo” Brain • Prematurity & Birth Complications • Genetic Syndromes • Exposure to Drugs & Alcohol Hydrocephalus

Why Choose Us

Highest Level of Care

Dr. Cristi Salinas has international recognition in neuropsychology. She is an author/scientist of over 50 publications with education and work at top hospitals plus a keynote speaker committed to delivering the most innovative care for her patients.

Expert Diagnostics

Before coming to us, more than 60% of our new clients:

  • were misdiagnosed
  • did not receive a treatment plan or
  • do not have school accommodations in place

Our science-backed evaluations lead to an accurate diagnosis. You or your child are more than a label. We look at why you learn, think, and act the way you do. Our approach helps identify your unique cognitive profile of strengths and areas of growth that make you who you are. We offer specific techniques that can be used to solve immediate challenges, enhance key strengths, and prevent further problems in the future.

Urgent Results

Dr. Cristi is a Mom first, and understands how important your child’s needs are.  Waiting months for an assessment while you sit by and watch your child struggle is incredibly painful and frustrating.  That’s why you can see Dr. Cristi for little as three days – not months.

Concierge From Moms Who Get It

We are a team of experts who are also moms. Dr. Cristi has a twice exceptional child and she knows how hard it is to navigate the mental health and educational system while trying to advocate 24/7 on top of everything else. We provide the same level of care we would expect for our children. Receive access to the highest quality resources available in the brain and behavioral healthcare. Once diagnosed, a treatment plan will include a complete suite of resources and tools to achieve desired results.

Dr. Cristi Salinas

Founder, Neuropsychology Concierge

Meet Dr. Cristi Salinas

Dr. Cristi Salinas is a world-renowned neuropsychologist who trained and worked at the top teaching hospitals such as Harvard and Emory Medical School.  As a pioneer in digital health and neuropsychology, Dr. Cristi founded the world’s first Virtual Autism and ADHD Clinics in 2017. She has helped thousands of children and adults with neurodevelopmental, learning, medical/neurological, and mental health conditions.

An accomplished scientist, author, Dr. Cristi Salinas is a mom who knows firsthand the stress and struggles of parenting and advocating for a child with special needs. Her son had severe food allergies, feeding issues, and speech delays as an infant, requiring medical interventions, intensive therapies, and a specialized diet. He was diagnosed with Giftedness and ADHD at an early age.

After experiencing the slow and impersonal broken medical system as a provider and then a mom Dr. Cristi has dedicated her life to ensuring other families are not met with the same barriers when seeking a diagnosis and treatment. She is a believer in the power of prevention and early interventions as well as holistic lifestyle habits for better brain health and wellness.

Dr. Cristi Salinas uses her first-hand experience, education, and extensive training to offer the most comprehensive care possible for children around the globe to thrive.

Get Real Help in Three Days

As a Mom, Dr. Cristi understands how frustrating it can be waiting months for an appointment.  That’s why she developed her virtual clinics – to help anyone in need.  Once you complete the form you will be seen by Dr. Cristi in as little as three days!

Get the Help You Need In as Little as Three Days - Really.

As a Mom with a child who has learning disabilities, Dr. Cristi understands how frustrating it can be waiting months for an appointment.  That’s why she developed her virtual clinics – to help children and families in need.  Once you request your free consult, you will be seen by Dr. Cristi in as little as three days! 

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