Comprehensive &
Targeted Evaluations

Comprehensive & Targeted Evaluations

We can help with a detailed analysis of brain-behavior, with a personalized roadmap of prevention and intervention for one or more conditions for both children and adults.

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation

If you are unsure of what condition may need treatment, or believe your child or loved one may have multiple conditions,  a Comprehensive Evaluation is the right option for you.

A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation involves gathering information from a patient’s background, behavioral observations, and neuropsychological tests to understand a person’s unique development to clarify diagnosis and plan/provide treatment. It involves a clinical interview, detailed analysis of a person’s behavior in different settings and the administration of neuropsychological tasks. Dr. Cristi evaluates the following:

General cognitive ability/Intelligence
Communicative and language skills
Visuospatial processing
Attentional capacities
Executive (thinking, reasoning) skills
Learning and memory abilities
Sensory and motor skills
Social cognition and interpersonal skills
Emotional adjustment
Academic achievement
One’s ability to live independently and to manage financial affairs

Get Dr Cristi's Roadmap

Dr. Cristi will meet with the family to make in-depth, practical recommendations regarding interventions needed over the next 3 years.

Targeted Neuropsychological Evaluation

If you’re concerned about your child’s learning or attention or behavior, we can help verify diagnosis, treatment, or both to ensure you get the best results possible.

These evaluations are focused on one area of concern to clarify a diagnosis and develop a targeted treatment plan. Targeted evaluations include but are not limited to Learning Disability (LD), SAT/College Accommodations, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and Executive Functioning, Gifted Assessment, School Admissions, Concussion and Return to Play/Learn interventions.

Targeted vs Comprehensive Evaluations

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