Our experts use science-based and cutting-edge innovative tests to develop a roadmap so you can think and feel better

Every Patient is Unique

These are the most common ways we engage with a new patient’s dynamic needs

Teleneuropsychology Screenings

We are among the world's first neuropsychology teams to provide teleneuropsychology screenings and we have served 300 patients with this convenient service.
It typically takes months to get appointments with a neuropsychologist. Receive an appointment online within 2 days of your free brain wellness evaluation and get same-day results. Obtain a diagnosis and/or understand your risks to your development so that you prevent further problems down the road. Trust whether more testing is needed. Immediately get connected to resources and recommendations during your screening. Instant coordinated care between us and others.
Duration: 75-90 minutes

Online Expert Second Opinion

Results You Can Trust
If a child or adult has received a diagnosis and there is disagreement with the results or recommendations of that evaluation, finding a path forward can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help. An expert second opinion will give you confidence and hope that comes from knowing your brain and behavioral health is in the hands of a leading expert. A second opinion can change or confirm your diagnosis, help you understand available treatment options and resources plus confirm the recommended treatment plan. A more in-depth, up-to-date test may also be needed to provide the full context. More than identifying problems, we’re about practical real-world solutions.
Duration: 90 minutes-2 hours

Targeted Evaluations

Confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan
These evaluations are focused on one area of concern to clarify a diagnosis and develop a targeted treatment plan. Targeted evaluations include but are not limited to Learning Disability (LD), SAT/College Accommodations, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and Executive Functioning, Gifted Assessment, School Admissions, Concussion and Return to Play/Learn interventions.
Duration: 3-8 hours

Comprehensive Evaluations

Detailed analysis of brain-behavior with a personalized roadmap of prevention and intervention
This evaluation is required to fully understand a person’s unique brain-behavior profile of strengths and weaknesses to develop a comprehensive plan. It begins with an interview and a series of standardized clinical tests. From the results of these findings, we provide a detailed analysis of brain-behavior patterns across settings and clarify whether multiple diagnoses exist. Our team will meet with the family to make in-depth, practical recommendations regarding interventions needed over the next 3 years.
Duration: 8-12 hours
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