Comprehensive Diagnostics

Our experts use science-based and cutting-edge innovative tests to develop a roadmap so you can think and feel better

Every Patient is Unique

These are the most common ways we engage with a new patient’s dynamic needs

Targeted Evaluations

Confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan
These evaluations are focused on one area of concern to clarify a diagnosis and develop a targeted treatment plan. Targeted evaluations include but are not limited to Learning Disability (LD), SAT/College Accommodations, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and Executive Functioning, Gifted Assessment, School Admissions, Concussion and Return to Play/Learn interventions.
Duration: 3-8 hours

Comprehensive Evaluations

Detailed analysis of brain-behavior with a personalized roadmap of prevention and intervention
This evaluation is required to fully understand a person’s unique brain-behavior profile of strengths and weaknesses to develop a comprehensive plan. It begins with an interview and a series of standardized clinical tests. From the results of these findings, we provide a detailed analysis of brain-behavior patterns across settings and clarify whether multiple diagnoses exist. Our team will meet with the family to make in-depth, practical recommendations regarding interventions needed over the next 3 years.
Duration: 8-12 hours
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