Expert Second Opinion

Real results you can trust.  Make sure you are completely confident in a diagnoses pertaining to your own, or one of your family member’s mental health.  The right diagnoses can greatly impact quality of life.

Virtual Appointments to Give You Peace Of Mind

We are among the world’s first neuropsychology teams to provide teleneuropsychology screenings and we have served 300 patients with this convenient service.

If a child or adult has received a diagnosis and there is disagreement with the results or recommendations of that evaluation, finding a path forward can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help. An expert second opinion will give you confidence and hope that comes from knowing your brain and behavioral health is in the hands of a leading expert. A second opinion can change or confirm your diagnosis, help you understand available treatment options and resources plus confirm the recommended treatment plan. A more in-depth, up-to-date test may also be needed to provide the full context. More than identifying problems, we’re about practical real-world solutions.
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