Expert Legal Consultation

Dr. Christine Salinas is an internationally recognized neuropsychologist with expertise in civil forensic neuropsychological evaluations. Dr. Cristi evaluates both children and adults.

Services Offered

We Provide Expert Consultation, Evaluations and Testimony

Medical-Legal Evaluations

Personal Injury

Compulsory Medical Evaluations

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Methods and interpretations are based on objective data and evidence-based research

Because we use evidence-based approaches to forensic neuropsychological evaluations, you’ll have an advantage in the courtroom.

We ensure you are fully prepared with high-quality expert consultation to assist you in litigating your case. Dr. Salinas provides expert record review and consultation, civil forensic neuropsychological evaluations, depositions, expert witness courtroom testimony and more.

Dr. Salinas is also one of the few Spanish-speaking neuropsychologists in the country, and recognized as a leader in her field.

Call 321-373-1303 to speak with Dr. Salinas or email for a copy of our retainer/fee schedule and to schedule a call with Dr. Salinas.

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