Same Day Diagnosis

Our experts use science-based and cutting-edge innovative tests to develop a roadmap so you can think and feel better.  Receive an appointment in as few as three days when you book online.

Teleneuropsychology Screenings

We are among the world’s first neuropsychology teams to provide teleneuropsychology screenings and we have served 300 patients with this convenient service.

It can take months to up to 1 year around the US for an appointment at a major hospital! Receive an appointment online within 3 days of your free brain wellness evaluation and get same-day results. Obtain a diagnosis and/or understand your risks to your development so that you prevent further problems down the road. Learn whether more testing is needed. Immediately get connected to resources and recommendations during your screening. Instant coordinated care between us and others.

As a Brain Doc Mama, Dr. Cristi understands that if your child suffers then the whole family struggles. It is her priority to give people access to the best care in the world when you need it most and within a phone or video call away.

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