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Dr. Cristi has clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating thousands of young toddlers, children, teens, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her innovative approach to patient diagnosis and care will help your child live the life they deserve while relieving the everyday pressure and stress from you with a personalized roadmap and specialized support.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

An Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is associated with challenges in making and keeping friends as well as trouble communicating socially during everyday interactions. Other features include restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior. The term “spectrum” emphasizes the wide variation in strengths and difficulties that is unique to each individual with ASD. Symptoms must appear in early development and ASD can be diagnosed as early as 18 months old. The symptoms lead to significant struggles in social life, school, work, or other important areas of functioning. Symptoms may not fully show until a child experiences increased social demands that exceed skill level and symptoms may be masked by learning strategies later on.  Autism may often go undiagnosed well into the adult years of an individual’s life.  Regardless of age, treatment is possible.

How Our Virtual Clinic Works

We make it easy for your loved one to receive the care they need when they need it.  Our Virtual Autism Clinic is safe, secure, and convenient.

Dr. Cristi founded the nation's first Virtual Autism Clinic five years ago in an effort to help individuals get the care and services they need.  There is no need to wait months for an appointment.  Follow our simple steps to be seen in just three days.

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The Problem with “Wait & See”:

Early Diagnosis Is the Key To Unlocking Early Intervention

Dr. Cristi acts on the facts: She is committed to early identification with an accurate diagnosis because early intervention is the best treatment available for autism spectrum disorders. However, all too often parents may be told by their “tribe” which includes friends, family, teachers, and even pediatricians or other therapists to “wait and see” if their child will “grow out of it.” While delaying treatment, the child’s behaviors may get worse or intensify and the child is at risk for developing additional problems in school or with their feelings, which can make it harder to treat later and lead to more costly and intensive treatment. Once a parent decides to pursue a diagnosis, the reality is that many centers around the country have waiting lists for 3, 6, or even 12 months before you can get help. 

Autism First Diagnosis Program

Don’t wait. Book your appointment and get answers and be seen by Dr. Cristi in as little as three days. Dr. Cristi combines cutting-edge technology and science-based techniques with her warm and playful clinical approach to expertly conduct comprehensive diagnostic evaluations with children and adults in a convenient way through her Autism First Diagnosis online service. Rest assured that Dr. Cristi has expertise with various diagnostic tools including the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2nd Edition (ADOS-II) to provide the most accurate diagnosis available.

The following symptoms lead to an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and must be present currently or by history at any age:

If your child does not engage in turn taking during conversation; does not initiate or respond to social interactions; sharing of interests, emotions, or affect is reduced.

Your child may not adapt behavior to match the social context; making friends may be difficult or engaging in imaginative play; may prefer to be alone and have limited interest in others
 In addition, persistent struggles with at least two of four types of restricted, repetitive behaviors, interests or activities currently or by history must be present.

 In addition, persistent struggles with at least two of four types of restricted,
repetitive behaviors, interests or activities currently or by history must be present:

Using objects or speech and movements that are repetitive
Consistent handflapping, spinning or rocking; lining up toys or flipping objects, repeating what others say over and over; using a phrase that makes little sense to others
Extreme inflexibility or rigidity
Insists on the same routines, schedules and rituals; extreme distress in response to small changes, has difficulties with transitions, rigid thinking, greeting rituals, wants same driving route, eats same food daily
Intense and focused "special interest or topics"
Exhibiting a very strong attachment to or "obsession" with unusual objects, excessively "special" interests, or "getting stuck" on a highly selective topic with the inability to focus on other topics or people without demonstrating disruptive behavior.
Over or under reactivity to sensory information or unusual interest in sensory aspects of the environment
Indifference to pain/temperature, adverse response to specific sounds or textures, excessive smelling or touching of objects, visual fascination with lights or movement
3 Reasons An Individual Should Be Evaluated Through the Autism First Diagnosis Program:
Early Intervention
Early intervention is effective in treating autism spectrum disorders. Early intervention can also effectively treat language delays and prevent learning disorders, like reading problems/dyslexia and emotional difficulties.
Personalized, Actionable Solutions

Dr. Cristi will provide actionable solutions by developing a personalized roadmap specific to the individual's needs with referrals and strategies that can be implemented right away. 

Unparalleled Expertise & Experience

Dr. Cristi is one of the few neuropsychologists in the country with expertise in autism spectrum disorders. She has a strong understanding of how language and learning skills develop as well as emotional, neurological, and genetic conditions. This is especially important in assessing Autism Spectrum Disorders because children may be late talkers or may have speech/language delays that are either mistaken for ASD or that present with ASD which need to be detected and treated. ASD symptoms evolve over time and often exist with other motor impairments, intellectual deficits, attention or hyperactivity problems, anxiety and/or depression, tics, and seizures. Dr. Cristi's approach is not to just "give a label" of Autism but to identify these risk factors and detect individual strengths that will enhance outcomes.

Dr. Cristi also works with adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder which may have gone undiagnosed for years. Dr. Cristi's goal is to ensure an individual's relationships are fulfilling with those they work with and the people they love.  Dr. Cristi helps individuals with customized plans and treatments that put them back in control of their life and happiness.

Don’t wait!

The earlier an individual gets help for autism spectrum disorder the better the outcomes,
but it is never too late regardless of age.

Book and pay for your appointment now. Get answers from Dr. Cristi quickly at the Virtual Autism Clinic.

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