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World’s First Neuropsychology Concierge®

Dr. Cristi’s innovative brain wellness model offers actionable, real-world solutions with a modern, luxury feel that fits your lifestyle. Fast track your brain wellness from the comfort of your own home, office or while you’re on the go with our customized care.

Effective Brain Wellness on Your Terms

Exclusive access to Dr. Cristi for comprehensive, personalized treatment.

Access to specialized support on-demand offers an advantage to optimize brain performance. Outbursts and episodes can be difficult for a family to predict or a child may need intensive medical/neurological treatment. Forgetting important details for your job or inefficiency can threaten your livelihood. Difficulties with “getting stuck” or adopting a bold mindset may hinder business success. Mental distractions may influence the outcome of elite athletic competition. That’s why we make it easier than ever to access a clinical neuropsychologist on-demand. Members of our premium concierge service receive exclusive access to Dr. Cristi, a world-renowned specialist. She works one-on-one with clients to achieve specific treatment goals step-by-step. Member families have exclusive access to their brain wellness in-person whenever appropriate and every day via phone, text, and video coaching to help you think, feel, and function better.

As the first Neuropsychology Concierge ® doctor in the United States, Dr. Cristi can help you be and feel your best.

Concierge is an exclusive service that is only offered to a limited number of individuals at a time; this allows me to work deeply with each person and provide better client care. This also allows each discerning individual to access next level care with numerous perks that traditional coaching does not afford. Secure my services with a monthly retainer that reflects how often you want to use my services that month.


Concierge coaching is the epitome of individualized, custom-fit services. Insurance won’t dictate how many sessions you can have, and I won’t use a “one size fits all” approach to address your needs; our partnership will always reflect what you need in that moment. Some sessions you may want to gain some insight into your life. Other times, you may need an outsider perspective to help you problem-solve. Or perhaps you’re having an unusually bad day and need a caring person to lend a listening ear. Your sessions can be anything you need them to be.

You will never waste precious time battling traffic or dealing with frustrating parking situations. I will meet you in your home, office, or other convenient and comfortable location including my office if you prefer. Don’t have an hour to meet, going out of town, or not feeling well enough for an in-person meeting? We can meet virtually (e.g., phone, secure video conference) instead.

Flexibility &Quality Time

Use your monthly retainer’s hours however you see fit, whenever you want. No outside entity will dictate how long or how frequent your sessions should be. Also, if you have a schedule that changes frequently, see me on different days and times each week without any hassle.

Typical coaching sessions are only 45 to 50 minutes in length. However, sometimes life’s curveballs and challenges require more time for support and solutions. With me, you will always get the time you deserve. Additionally, because I purposefully limit how many individuals I see at a time, I’m able to spend time outside of meeting reflecting on your challenge and can bring my “thinking outside of the box” strengths along with science-based brain and behavior knowledge to deliver the highest quality service.

Direct Access & Privacy

Unlike providers with very large case loads, I have time and the desire to invest in collaborating with your other care providers, if you so desire. With expertise in leading interdisciplinary teams, I’m able to act as your treatment team leader to coordinate care or just be a helpful team member available for consultations. By adding time to your monthly retainer for collaborative care, you get the peace of mind that your team is working towards your goals and well being like a well oiled machine, not a tangled mess.

Always get a response from me directly! I will answer all calls and emails personally. No need to deal with receptionists, answering services, or anyone who doesn’t know you and your needs. Did you know that insurance companies require certain diagnoses in order to authorize treatment? Bypass getting a label that will follow you and avoid sharing your health information with a health insurance organization or other entity. This keeps our work especially private and confidential. Also, by having me come to you, you can avoid bumping into others when you’re feeling at your most vulnerable.

Why Dr. Cristi's Treatment Model is Convenient

Common FAQs About Insurance and Reimbursement

Despite the many challenges and areas of concern in using insurance to cover mental health coaching, clients may still elect to do so. Quality psychological services can be costly so it’s completely understandable that getting reimbursed for at least some of the associated costs relieves any financial burden.

If your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, you can see any licensed therapist of your choosing and the plan will reimburse you a percentage after the deductible is satisfied. In most cases, insurance reimburses around 60-90% of usual & customary services (e.g., weekly, 50-minute appointments). Coverage also assumes you have met diagnostic criteria for a psychiatric condition meeting medical necessity for treatment (which will be determined during the first appointment). At the time of the therapy appointment, you are financially responsible for the service fee then we provide you with an invoice (called a superbill) to submit to the insurance company (it’s easy!).

Let us introduce you to Better. Better is a HIPAA compliant service that submits superbills to your insurance provider on your behalf. The fee is 10% of whatever money you receive from the insurance company. If you don’t receive compensation (e.g., unmet deductible, denied claim, etc.) Better won’t collect a payment. *Note that Neuropsychology Concierge has no relationship with Better and does not receive any compensation from the company.

A Truly Boutique Experience

With my unique Neuropsychology Concierge® model, you’ll experience the next level of care. Traffic, limited time for appointments, and concerns about privacy are no longer barriers.

So, if you’re sick of feeling stuck and want to take the first step to your new life, contact me. As a licensed neuropsychologist, I have the educational and professional background to help you get unstuck, achieve your goals, and cultivate the life you desire.

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