Social skills and friendship program: Child & Parent Training All in One with Multiple Specialists

Led by Neuropsychologist, Couselor & Occupational Therapist

Evidence-based, family centered intervention modeled from the University of California, Los Angeles

...for children who have difficulty making or keeping friends.

...for parents to learn how to teach and support their children in making or keeping friends.

Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety,
Depression or other social & behavioral disorders

Tuesdays beginning August 18th

3:30pm • 2nd-3rd grades
4:30pm • 4th-5th grades
5:30pm • Pizza Party! for all enrollees
6:00pm • 6th-8th grades
12 week program
1 hour per week = Child + Parent Group at Same Time

Your child will learn

How to handle bullying and teasing How to handle disagreements
How to join a group of children at play How to be a good host on a social “date”
How to be a good sport & show respect How to be flexible and cooperative
Conversational skills Appropriate use of social media

During each class, children learn a new skill, practice with group members, receive coaching on their play skills and are given a homework assignment along with their parent so they can try out their new skills.

Regular attendance is imperative to achieve best results. Parent participation is required.

Enrollment is limited to 10 per class

Call today 321-373-1303

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