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We are always looking to build relationships with other professionals, businesses, and leaders in the industry

Relationships Matter

When it comes to getting the best care it is important to rely on trusted experts that go the extra mile for you and that are knowledgeable of best diagnostic and treatment practices so you can thrive. We highly value collaborative relationships with colleagues across disciplines around the world. Team support is also critical to preventing “healer’s burn out” and ensures sustainability in practice. If you have been working with a client who has challenges with a learning, neurological, developmental, medical, or mental health condition, you are welcome to join the Neuropsychology Concierge® Network. Participants in our Network will benefit from access to case conferencing, clinical tools, marketing materials, and opportunities for research collaboration. To find out more about joining the Neuropsychology Concierge® Network, email us today at info@neuropsychconcierge.com.
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