Expert Second Opinion

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When your child is not meeting developmental milestones, is struggling in school, not making friends, behaving inappropriately or you are having trouble with your thinking skills, finding a path forward can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help.
An expert second opinion from Dr. Cristi will give you confidence and hope that comes from knowing your development is in the hands of a leading expert. Second opinions with Dr. Cristi often lead to a change in diagnosis and patients learn about new treatments and resources to think, learn, and feel better. A second opinion from Dr. Cristi can confirm your diagnosis, help you understand available treatment options and resources plus confirm the recommended treatment plan.

Flexible options to suit your family's needs.

Visit our expert, Dr. Cristi, online in the Virtual Waiting Room or in person.

Conveniently receive an online second opinion right away.

Access the expertise of Dr. Cristi through our convenient, secure Virtual Waiting Room.

How does a Second Opinion Consult work?

1. Click on Book Free New Patient Consult pop up button.
2. Click on Med Record.
3. Attach files and add your contact information.
4. Receive a message from Dr. Cristi within 1 business day about fees and schedule a Second Opinion appointment.


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