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Learning Disability (LD) impacts countless children across the globe. Dr. Cristi can prove the right diagnoses and plan to advocate for your child’s best interests.

What is a Learning Disability?

Learning disabilities can come in many different forms, and may only impact your child in particular scenarios, subjects, or situations.  Our Learning Disability Virtual Clinic can help your child overcome and of these challenges.

Areas of Learning Disabilities include:

Written Expression/Dysgraphia
Full Academic Achievement (all academic areas)
Visuospatial Abilities
LD often occurs with Emotional/Behavioral and other conditions such as ADHD, ASD, and Intellectual Disability; therefore adding these other screenings may be necessary depending on your concerns. Dr. Cristi is happy to help you with making a decision so that you can get the appropriate answers and solutions to help you learn better.

Types of LD Evaluations

Dr. Cristi can help your child in any area surrounding Learning Disabilities.  If you would like your child evaluated in a specific area, select from the following options below:

IQ/Gifted Evaluation - 75 Minutes

This 75 minute virtual evaluation includes a 30 minute interview and IQ testing.  Dr. Cristi will provide same day verbal feedback with you and provide a written report.

Reading/Dyslexia Evaluation

During this evaluation Dr. Cristi will test your child’s compentancy with sight words and phonological processing, reading fluency, as well as reading comprehension.

Writing/Dysgraphia Evaluations

Dr. Cristi will evaluate your child on spelling, grammar, and essays.


Dr. Cristi will evaluate your child on math facts, applied problems, calculation,  and overall fluency.

Dr. Cristi can help your child live a better quality of life. Schedule and Appointment at the Learning Disability  Virtual Clinic Now 

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