Children's Learning Matters

Every child deserves access to the best education tailored to their individual needs.  We work with students from preschool to middle school to ensure they achieve their maximum potential.

Our Philosophy of Learning & Education

Learning is a collaborative process that is fun and enhanced when children are in nurturing, playful, and strengths-based environments with professionals who understand how each child’s brain uniquely processes information and others around them so that they can apply skills in the real world. Our educational team is led by a neuropsychologist, school psychologist, and a special education teacher. We provide baseline assessments of academic skills to understand a child’s learning strengths and weaknesses or determine if a child is Gifted, has a learning disability (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which may interfere with learning. Our science and brain-based model to assessment helps us to pinpoint the underlying problems so that our teacher can provide precise interventions and your child can learn more effectively. We are deeply committed to giving every child a real-world, actionable educational plan their family can trust to achieve peace of mind and enhance school functioning. Our goal is to support children to feel confident and enjoy the learning process. We offer specific techniques that can be used to solve immediate-now challenges in reading, math, and writing as well as enhance key strengths, and prevent further problems in the future when the student encounters more complex demands or needs for independent work. Your educational plan will include a complete toolkit of resources to achieve desired results.

Reading/ Dyslexia

Phonemic Awareness
Phonemic Decoding
Multi-sensory Instruction
Vocabulary Enhancement
Reading Comprehension

Mathematics/ Dyscalculia

Number meaning
Math procedure knowledge
Visuospatial aspects of math
Math Problem solving
Conceptual knowledge

Writing/ Dysgraphia

Handwriting Legibility/Automaticity
Discourse structure/ Organizational strategies
Compositional quality

Parent Coaching/ IEP Advocacy

Homeschooling Curriculum Development
Teaching a Child with Special Needs
Organizational Academic Strategies
Homework and Study Skill Approaches
IEP Advocacy

Study Skills Training

Executive Functioning Interventions

Who We Help

From Pre-K through 8th graders, we’ve got you covered. We help children, parents, and teachers achieve goals and feel confident to manage homeschooling, virtual school options, homework, test taking, reading, math, writing, behavioral interventions, and academic stressors with new tools and resources. Our science-based approach maximizes our student’s potential. We also consult to schools regarding assessment and instruction practices.



Middle Schoolers




Academic Team

Our certified special education teacher has excellent training and experience which means she is prepared to manage basic to complex academic challenges. Our team includes a neuropsychologist and school psychologist who utilize the most innovative assessment practices to get to the root of academic concerns. We work hand on with leaders to update educational remediation practices.

Learning Disability & ADHD Testing

Special Education Teacher/IEP Advocate

School Psychologist, Psy.D.

Adam is an experienced clinician you can trust to enrich your child's language

Is your child nonverbal or a late talker? Is it hard to understand what he or she is saying? Does he or she stutter? Does he or she have a hard time telling a story? Does your child have a hard time understanding simple requests? Does he or she struggle taking turns during conversation and following social rules?

If so, Dr. Cristi recommends consulting with Adam. She will be happy to help you in making a decision to move forward with scheduling a speech and/or language evaluation based on your needs.

Get the most out of your child's speech therapy

Adam is a unique specialist in Central Florida who has dual certifications as a Speech Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Team Evaluations & IEP Planning

Dr. Cristi and Adam do team evaluations in which they provide results and recommendations with a family at the same time.

Adam is available for telespeech.

Call to determine whether this is the right option for your child's needs.

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